Managed IT

About Managed IT


Husky IT is your premier managed IT company. We can be your full size IT department if need be. We can handle companies big and small. The best part is we have affordable pricing and exceptional service. All of our technicians are fully certified and industry experts and you can be assured that your companies Managed IT needs are in good hands with Husky IT.

Our Services

Server Management

Husky IT will manage your servers for you. We can build, configure, and maintain all the servers in your network. Husky IT will also be monitoring them 24/7 to ensure downtime is minimized. We can do a full on-premise setup in your company, hybrid solution (meaning a mixture of cloud and physical servers), or even a full cloud adoption.

Managed Helpdesk

Your company needs a helpdesk, whether it’s to support their clients and internal stuff or just their staff. Husky IT have you covered! You will get a privately hosted helpdesk system, 24/7 technicians, and a 1hr or less response time. Our Helpdesk services will save your company valuable time and money.

On-Call/Remote Services

Husky IT provides on call and remote support services. This service is best for companies that need someone available at all times to support their network, just in case problems arise. Our certified technicians will be on-call when you need it and are highly trained in the IT field. Our remote support technicians remotely monitor and support the network as well.